Friday, October 15, 2010

A month later...

It's been almost a month since I've blogged.
I'm aware of how ridiculous this is.
I've had a lot going on.
Tore up the basement.
I'm actually developing a caseload at work.
This means that I've had to work.
Several new diagnoses.  (Yay... NOT.)
Brought back the phrase "NOT".
You know, the uje.

I've also decided that I can break down to the first syllable of "usual" by saying "uje" in order to make it sound right.  Care to disagree with me?  You come up with a better solution.  (Saying the whole word is NOT an option.

Here's a picture to make up for the load of crap I've just made you read.

Just a lil' something to show you how upset I was by my "Texas Toast" which 
was actually a tiny slice o' bun.  I'm aware of how unflattering this picture is.
It still makes me laugh.  A lot.


Unknown said...

I love it. The picture and the institution of uje.

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