Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Because my love, my love, my love is my Dog"

Am I the only one who does this?  I sing to my dog.  Constantly.  I change the words so that they apply to her.  Her personal favorite is "If Kai were queen of the forrrrrrrrrr-est!  (Roll the r's people.)  Not princess, nor duchess, just queen."  (You know it... Wizard of Oz!)

I totally dance with her too.  More like dance AT her.    I think sometimes she gets scared of me.  Don't act like none of you do the same thing.

Lately this has been the song of choice... only because it's on the radio at least once per hour.

P.S.  If you even for one second think that the very idea of all of this is stupid, you need to get your life in order people!  You have to live life and love it.  Thus, I sing loud and I sing proud, even if it makes my pup suffer.  : )

(Please, double-click the picture so you can see my artwork at it's finest!)


Anonymous said...

Keekers has a total ghetto booty in this pic, just saying. Those shoes look comfy, give them to me!

Unknown said...

They started out as flip flops but then kind of turned in to flats. Who knew I could create such a wonderful wardrobe for myself!

Jennifer said...

I sing to my dog all the time!

Unknown said...

i LOVE ur blackground. I use to have the same one until someone (my sister) insisted on designing one for me. cant wait to follow u since we obviously have great taste :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, yes!!! I talk and sing to my cats all of the time. One of my cats like it significantly more than the other. Mixed reviews, I suppose. Love this post!

Unknown said...

I was singing to Sylvia the other day, and I didn't want to leave Petey out so I sang BINGO but changed it to PETEY. I think they both enjoyed it.

Unknown said...

Kaiah has gotten the "K-A-I-A-H" version of Bingo before too! :)

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