Saturday, July 03, 2010

Rum Sump Pump Punch

Hello readers,

  Let me tell you a little bit about why I am sore.  I put a sump pump in yesterday.  Yep, me.  I did.  Well, I helped.  My "plumber" (okay, fiance) made me do all of the heavy lifting though!  I had to dig out all of the concrete chunks after he pounded the crap out of it with the sledgehammer.  Really that's the only reason I'm sore; from squatting for an intense amount of time.  (I clearly need to work out.)  I was very nervous for my basement floor once he started pounding on it, but it looks pretty good now.  AND hopefully there will be no more opportunities for pictures like the one I posted in my previous blog (us vacuuming all of the stupid trespassing water out of the carpet).

Anyway, moving on.  For those of you who don't know, the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays.  I just love spending time in the sun with friends and/or family.  The last few years we've celebrated with Jack's family but this year we are celebrating with one of Jack's friends from high school and his girlfriend.  I just made a ton of food/drinks (Rum Punch that is AMAZING & some jello shots!  Hello alcohol!).  Yummers!  I've decided that I like being a hostess.  I like prepping for shindigs and whatnot... I think that just comes from my liking to organize in general.  Maybe I should be a party planner!  Anyway, the cool thing about tonight is that we are not getting together at our place.  This means I get to do the cooking and planning and then I get to take it all elsewhere and I don't have to deal with the part of hostess that means that I have to show everybody where everything is!  YAY!  (Plus I don't have to clean up for the event!)

Nothing exciting today, I know.  Here's a picture to make it all better.  Okay, so I know the picture turned out kind of dark but Kaiah moves anytime she catches me trying to take a picture of her when she sits here.  We have that little bench in our front yard and she seriously will go out there and just perch on the bench like it's her own personal throne.  She's too funny.


Unknown said...

I kind of love your dog.

Unknown said...

Meeeeeeee too!

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