Friday, August 27, 2010

Free Produce!!!

So, In the past I've told you a few of the reasons why I like going back to my home town.  Mostly all because of the people.

Let me tell you about another MAJOR (seasonal) reason I love it.


I mean seriously folks.  The generosity of my family is amazing.  Check out the cornucopia below!  YUM!

This is really only a tiny portion of what I brought back with me and it is only a minuscule amount of what I COULD have brought back with me.

Check out some more YUMS thanks to my 'rents!

I've always loved finding the "ugly" carrots because they are the beautiful ones.  Sometimes you can prop them up on their "legs"; sometimes they don't even look like carrots in shape.  Amazing.  The only thing that is more beautifully hideous than Schwartz carrots are Schwartz potatoes... and I have plenty of those as well!

I hand plucked those babies (pun not intended) from the chicken coop myself!

Then of course, there are the joys of my little brother moving back to Iowa and running a farm:

Peppers!  Lots of them!

Black Raspberry Jam made with honey!  It is SO delectable!  He is my parents' son!

Last, but not least, TOMATOES!  I only add them last because some of them are from my parents, some are ours (from our Topsy Turvy!) and some are from Jack's Grandma!

I love summer produce.  I can't wait for the fall produce! 

(I'll be home again in September, Mom!)
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