Saturday, September 18, 2010


So, this whole P90X with new diet thing has turned me on to a couple of new snacks in accordance with the new meals I've fallen in love with (which I shared with you in my last P90X blog. 

Let me also take some time to say that I am officially through my first 3 weeks of P90X.  Legs & Back absolutely wore me out for some reason (and then I still had to do that dreaded Ab Ripper X) yesterday.  I am SORE!    But guess what, people?!?!  I feel AWESOME!

Next week is my "chilled out" week, which... let's face it... isn't really chilled out at all.  However, I am excited for a new routine for the upcoming week.  THEN, after next week, I will start part deux of the program!  Exciting!  This will also give me a new routine for 3 weeks.  (Can't wait!  After this week I will be officially 1/3 of the way through my P90X Lean... then it will be on to P90X Classic, which means the addition of Plyometrics... yikes.)

Take a look see below for two of my new favorite snacks...

These are way yum... but guess what?
It turns out they are NOT so great for you
even if I did buy them in the health food market.
(Yes, they are sweet potato and beet chips!)
This however is FANTASTIC!  And good for you!  (Soy nuts + dried cranberries + pumpkin kernels + almonds = yumtastic!)


*Lesli* said...

good job on your p90xing. i admire your skills. i have none, that's why i love to just run instead.

i do love me some of those terra chips...yum. i also love soy nuts so that looks good too.

Unknown said...

Thanks lady... I ain't got no skilllz. (Ha!) I don't though, really. I can't do anything that the good man, Tony Horton, requires of me, but I try!

rockinjon said...

Cool. Wow the beet chips are trippy! I suppose we should be expecting other root-vegetable chips? Or maybe something even crazier? What about pumpkin chips? Or wait. We make a slurry of tomatoes, onions, and peppers. Then we dehydrate and press them into chip shapes. It's salsa chips, without the chip. THE CHIP IS THE SALSA. And you EAT THEM WITH SOUR CREAM? My brain just exploded. Or they already exist... Somebody look into this. And if you strike it rich, buy me a yacht plz? Kthxbye.

Unknown said...

I have some in the cupboard that are root vegetables! Taro, Sweet Potato, Cubano, Beet, Parsnip and something else I can't think of! Crazy but tasty!

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