Friday, June 18, 2010

Goose Goose GooseGooseGoose

I don't have to work today so that means that you all get to read a new blog!  Yay for you!  I guess technically I did do some work emailing this morning but other than that I get the day off.  We had tornado sirens and storms this morning so I was looking forward to a nice relaxing day of reading and being lazy.  NOW the sun has decided to come out so I suppose I will have to go out and take Kaiah for an adventure.  I suppose that's good... for both of us.  Either way, I was REALLY looking forward to being a lazy P.O.S. today.

Note to readers:  I'm going to start back up the YESS book club.  I know that I no longer work at YESS, but I like you gals and it's going to happen whether you like it or not.  Expect an email soon.  Also, let me know if there is anyone in the DSM area that is not a former member that would like to join.  [Perhaps one Ms. Kaci Sloss... :)  I would say that you fit both qualifications, but let's face it... being an employee at YESS is no longer a qualification. (The other qualification is that you read, of course... and that you're not annoying, so I guess there are three.)]  P.S.  I WILL be posting these aforementioned qualifications in the email, so be prepared to meet the needs of the group.  Also, any group members with requested qualifications, please notify me ASAP.

I've decided that starting up the book club again only makes sense (for me, personally) since I should be reading at least 4 books per month.  Why not make one of them a book club selection and get some of my favorite socialites back together?!  Let's face it people, you are the main reason I worked there as long as I did (no offense to YESS or it's uninvolved employees!)  :)

I feel my blog has been lacking in the picture department lately so let me leave you with this wonderful picture that Kaiah posed for so that we could try out mobile blogging (which failed miserably several times).  That means you get to see her show off her goose now.  :)


Anonymous said...

Me. Pick me.

Unknown said...

Since I am not in to the habit of repeating my comments like YOU, I shall tell you that if you want a response to this comment Pam, I will need you to go to my other blog and read it. Thanks.

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