Sunday, June 06, 2010

Now that this blog is written, how will I prevent myself from napping?

It's blogging weekend.  How about that?  3 days in a row?  A personal best!  (I think... I'm not going to go back and count to be sure though so sorry if I'm a liar.)

I went to Grandma Mad's today while Jack golfed.  I pulled weeds & re-mulched.  For 4 hours.  FOUR HOURS.  That's right.  I pulled weeds at Jack's grandma's while HE golfed.  Doesn't seem right, does it?  I would do anything for Grandma Madeleine though and she deserves it!  However, I am tired and cranky.  Does this make me old or does this mean I'm pulling a Benjamin Button and just need a juice box and a nap?  I would definitely take the nap. 

Instead I sit here blogging.  I need to keep all of my 8 fine followers posted!  That's right people... I have 8 followers now.  (Thank you Smashley for upping my numbers!)  I suppose this is unfair of me to say about myself because I know that I have well over 8 followers, as I have well over 8 people who comment to me about my blog.  I should say that I have 8 followers who are willing to admit they are followers by "joining" my blog.  HA!  Whatev.

Anyhoo, I don't have a whole lot to say today, other than that it is 4:00 PM so I feel it is inappropriate to nap, which means I must blog in order to keep myself awake.  Sad, huh?  I'm pathetic; I'm aware.

I will add a note about Memorial Day weekend.  I know I said I wouldn't blog about it because Pam did, but I will mention that I got to see some of my favorite ladies from high school.  We learned that night that I hadn't seen any of them since Kate's birthday shindig last year (June '09).  Super unfortunate and pretty lame of me and more lame of them for not coming to visit ME!  :)  On that note I will leave you with a picture to commemorate my evening with Season, Kate & Lacey.  I love you ladies!


*Lesli* said...

I am proud to be a follower of Jenni. Did you ever start following any of those lovely blogs I told you about?

Unknown said...

No! I started to go through some of them but haven't become a "follower" yet.

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