Monday, June 14, 2010

Things You Might Know & Things That You Don't

*Everyone knows that I love pickles!  You might not know that I love cotton candy!
*Everyone knows that I love to cook.  You might not know that I have a recipe arsenal.
*Everyone knows that I like the idea of living by vegetarian principles.  You might not know that I have a strong desire to eat raw beef! (It's true!)
*Everyone knows that I love all things rock music (from indie to hard rock).  You might not know that while driving I sometimes only listen to classical music
*Everyone knows that I am an animal lover.   You might not know that I HATE opossums!
*Everyone knows that I love kitchen utensils.  You might not know that I want to collect mortar & pestle sets (but I own only one!)
*Everyone knows that I have celebrity crushes on Mark Ruffalo, John Corbett & Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  You might not know that I have a closet crush on Jonathan Safran Foer
*I like to read Jodi Picoult, Jonathan Safran Foer & Nicholas Sparks.  You might not know that my favorite reads are Tolstoy & Dostoyevsky.
*Everyone knows that I love giving gifts.  You might not kow that I'd rather give a gift than receive one any day!
*Everyone knows that I love spending time with my friends & family.  You might not know that I'm a major homebody.
*Everyone knows that I say what's on my mind.  You DON'T have any idea what I'm filtering!
*Everyone knows that I usually appear to be quite chipper.  You might not know that on average I get a migraine about once a week.
*Everyone knows that I LOVE sleeping.  You might not know that I get very little of it!

A few more things you may not know:
*I'm addicted to storage.  Yep.  Tupperware, baskets, you name it.
*I used to collect pogs.  Remember them?
*Justin Timberlake is my guilty pleasure.  I like his music but it embarrasses me to admit it.

I'm sure I will add to these lists in the future, but for now this is what you get.  Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I knew all of these things, also I'll need you to stop hunting the same men as me. Oh the pog collection. You might note that she leaves out that between all of us children we had like 5,000 of them. It's because we were and very much ARE awesome.

Unknown said...

We ARE!!!

Did you ACTUALLY know that I want to eat raw beef? I thought only Jack knew of that obsession... AND did you know that I want to collect mortar & pestles?

I believe you that you knew the rest. :)

P.S. Of the four listed you only like John Corbett (whom I introduced to you, thank you very much) and JDM though, right? I knew you liked them as well. (not the others though, or DO you?)

Anonymous said...

Well I'm actually having JDM's initials tattooed on my breast. I think that means I get him.

Unknown said...

Hmmmm... won't it be weird for you to have MY lover's initials on your breast?

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