Friday, June 04, 2010

Canasta Hair Bunny

Time for a new blog.  I feel like I am slacking in the blogging department.  My apologies peeps.  Not a whole lot for me to blog about.  I could tell you about my Memorial Day weekend, but you can read about it here, because my sister beat me to the punch.  I shan't retell the story as she did a mighty fine job.

(However, I will share this picture with you as she failed to do so and it is my new most favorite picture of my grandma, Rose, that I think I've taken.)  I must also add, since Pam only mentioned that Canasta was played, that Grandma Rose and I kicked Pam & Grandma Martha's butts at it.  Right Pam?  :)

Ah yes, one more picture must be shared!  Jack's Grandma Madeleine started making these creations called "Hair Bears" for Jack's niece, Ava, because she was obsessed with hair when she was little.  Madeleine would sew hair from the beauty supply shop on to stuffed animals for Ava.  Well, now my nephew, Easton, has also become obsessed with hair, so naturally I told Madeleine about it.  She made Easton a "Hair Bunny" that had human hair coming out of it's ears.  It was a rather unique creature; I wish I would have taken a picture of it in it's full glory for you.  I can share one of Easton with it though!

Seriously, he loves the thing.  You can't see the bunny as well as I'd like you to be able to, but you get the picture.  I absolutely love it.  Easton loves it.  Clearly.


kaci jo said...

Cute pic of your grandma. The bunny on the other hand made me want to vomit a little in my mouth. I don't think I could do a stuffed animal with human hair on it.

Unknown said...

I know! My mom & sister-in-law were horrified by it! Easton loves it though, so how can you deny him? :)

Anonymous said...

Epic domination at the Canasta game. I'll be the first to admit, it was terrible.

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