Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Ghetto Gourmet

So, yesterday I was perusing books at Borders, and I came across the ever-so-fun $1 book bin.  Whenever I see this bin, I know I will buy something.  It turns out I bought 11 somethings.  (For $1, why not, right?)  But that is beside the point.  I found a real treasure in that bunch of books, and I want/need/must tell you about it.  Check it out.

That's right.  Cookin' with Coolio.  I know you all are very jealous of my killer find.  It has such fabulous recipes as: Bacon Rap'd Scallops (Yes, spelled like that), Chicken Lettuce Blunts, Bro-ghetti, &I'm-Gonna-Slap-You-With-My-Whisk Tomato Bisque.  Not to mention, such classics as Pimp My Shrimp, Coolius Caesar, & Heavenly Ghettalian Garlic Bread.  Let's also not forget what sold me on the book, Simple-Ass Mozzarella Salad (or "Mozzarella for the Pimpish Fella").  I must also add that there are such fantastic chapter titles as "How to Become a Kitchen Pimp", "It's Hard Out There For a Shrimp" & "Sweet Treats for That Sweet Ass".   How could I not add this masterpiece to my cookbook collection?  It would be such a shame.

However, unfortunately for me, ever since I found this treasure, I have been singing that stupid song "1,2,3,4 (Sumpin' New)" song.  You know that you know it... "1,2,3,4, Get your woman on the floor.  Gotta gotta get up to get DOWN.  Gotta gotta get up to get DOWN."  I hope it is now in all of my faithful readers' heads.  It's driving me crazy!

Anyway, I don't have too much else to say today, I just wanted to share this tasty little morsel with you all!  :)


Anonymous said...

Good, next weekend at our family shindig maybe we should eat ONLY recipes from that book. I think Dad would really enjoy them.

Unknown said...

Ha! Deal.

kaci jo said...

I am jealous of your find!

Unknown said...

I know, right?

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