Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Initial Annoyance

Let me begin by stating my initial annoyance with starting a blog.  Does everyone and their brother already have a blog?  Am I alone in being a blogging virgin?  It literally took me an hour, if not more, to come up with a domain name for my blog.  Not because I couldn't think of anything; only because I couldn't think of anything original that somebody else hadn't already come up with.  That knocked me right off of my creative high horse.  Every time I thought I was being clever, somebody had beat me to the punch.

And so it begins. I'm officially a blogger. I guess I dabbled with blogging back in the good ol' MySpace days. [Do people still use that?  That was a scary place. (Even if I was obsessed with it during college.  What?  It was an excellent procrastination tool and I learned about a lot of new bands because of it!)]

I don't know that there will be a point to my blogging, other than my airing my dirty laundry to whomever feels the desire to read about it. (Find a hobby, people. I can't be THAT interesting... or am I?)

I promise more to come in the near future.  Not necessarily for any readers I have, but more for myself.  Hopefully this can serve as some sort of outlet for me; be it creative, emotional, physical, whatever.  Yes, I said physical.  If there is ever nonsensical ramblings posted, it's probably because I had to punch SOMETHING.  Better the keyboard than the dog, right? 

As for now, I must play with this creation of mine, and leave the blogging for another time.


Jana Daisy said...

Hee hee, you're a procrastination tool. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay, you are really far behind in blogging. Mine has been dormant for a while but with moving to Maine and NJ I think I'll be starting it back up again. I look forward to reading your brain.

Unknown said...

Jana - It IS what I have always strived to be! ;)

Pam - Like you haven't been far enough into my brain already. I don't think I have your blog bookmarked anymore... what's the addy for it?

Anonymous said...

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